Lampshade Making Services

At Detola and Geek we do offer a range of other lampshade making services to our customers. which you will find below: 


We make a variety of lampshade styles and sizes as well as using alternative linings. We tend to use matt embossed luxe gold, silver, bronze & champagne linings. 

"When it's grey and miserable outside but it feels so cosy with your lamp on Detola and Geek." ~ Naomi A 

Two orange & turquoise retro flower power patterned lampshades. Both are hanging from the ceiling against a blue painted feature wall. One lampshade is in front whilst the other is in the background. You can see the inner gold lining and the light is on creating a warm glow.

"Love my stunning lampshades. Beautifully made, extremely stylish & they look great in my dining room. Really appreciated great communication throughout." ~ Amanda H. 

If you need something custom made to suit your interiors than what you see online, please send me a message via the contact page.  


Does your home/business interior need something more tailored towards your style & colours? 

Dark blue with wine red & orange botanical pattern lampshade with two matching cushions. There is a display sign in the background with the "Detola & Geek" logo on it as well as the quote "Adding colour one shade at a time".

Or are you an interior designer/stylist, property developer, set/stage designer? And in need of professionally finished handmade lampshades for your interior design projects? 

Matching African wax print fabric floor lampshade and cushion. They have vibrant red blue flowers on an earthy gold colourway.

We can use your own fabric/wallpaper to create lampshades to match your interior design projects.

If you don't have textiles at hand to use - we can source suitable African wax print fabric on your behalf instead. 


You can also outsource your lampshade making process to the us if you don't have the capacity or skillset to do so. 

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your unique designs and style in a different format?

If you are an artist, illustrator, painter etc & would love to have your work on fabric lampshades designed by Detola and Geek - let's discuss further. 

For any of these services, please use the contact form to get in touch with your request. Thanks.