Who We Are

Detola & Geek is an award winning homeware & lifestyle brand based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK. 

'Detola (a.k.a.Tola) is the founder and the lampshade designer/maker behind the award winning black brand Detola and Geek. 

"Straddling the border of textiles and homeware, Detola & Geek celebrates the meeting of African design and retro inspiration with some outrageously well-priced drum lampshades and cushions. Their tealight holders are a fine buy too." ~ House & Garden

Our handcrafted African inspired lampshades are bold, colourful & unique as well as our best-sellers. We also sell other products like cushions, wall decor, coasters, candle holders and more.

What makes our brand of handcrafted fabric lampshades stand out from the crowd?

  • We give them alternative linings which on the inside like gold, silver bronze etc. 
  • We make double lined/sided lampshades with the African textile as the inside lining and using a complimenting or contrasting fabric on the outside.   
  • We have started making tiered lampshades using a mix of different fabrics. 

They surely do make a statement wherever they are placed. 

Our Detola & Geek African inspired handmade products are a quick & easy way to inject splashes of colour into your interior spaces. They are quite functional, contemporary & very trendy too. These vibrant designs always get the conversation started.